InoMail Privacy Policy

InoMail(“InoMail”, “us”, “our” or “we”) is dedicated to protecting the privacy rights of our users (“users” or “you”). This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) describes the ways that we use personal information and data.

Information Collection and Use

InoMail doesn’t not collect any personally identifiable information about you.
The information is stored in phone device and only used to connect your email server. InoMail doesn’t own any our server.

We are not responsible for the privacy practices of these third parties or the data on any third party website. By using the InoMail, you are expressing your agreement to this Policy and the processing of your information and data, including your personal information, in the manner provided in this Policy.

Permission requests

1. Phone – read phone statue and identity
The permission is used to get device id in order to make unique key.

2. Contacts – read/modify your contacts
Your address book (contacts) are used to provide suggestions and auto-complete recipients when composing a message and show details of recipients.
You can save names and email addresses of recipients into your address book.

3. Storage – read/write to storage
The storage area is used to save attachments. It attach to a message the user when composing.


InoMail Release Note

Version 1.9.3, 1.9.4, 1.9.5
Version 1.9.5 :
– Patch crash issues
Version 1.9.4, 1.9.3 :
1. Supports pull to refresh
2. Notification when fail to send message
3. Improve special mailboxes and accounts screen
– Supports to edit order of list
– Supports all sent and all drafts

Version 1.9.2
1. Supports the “high priority” and “read receipt” options when sending message.
2. Supports sender’s picture in message view.
3. Supports editing the order of accounts.
4. Supports change custom attachment download path.
5. Supports “fetch message to size” option that set message size to download.
– The option doesn’t work in loading more messages.
6. The default option of swipe gesture in message view is changed to off on the Lollipop.
7. Supports deletion senders blocked as spam or allowed to show pictures.
– In the general settings, you can see the options in the section of message view.
8. Improve user interface of the tablet over 7 inch screen.
9. Fixed other issues.

Version 1.9.1
In this version many issues are patched especially like a crash.
– The default setting of ”Show pictures” option is changed to on.
– The default setting of “Show message to fit screen”option is changed to off.
You can set the settings in “General settings”.

Version  1.8.9
1. Supports swipe gesture to read next or previous the messages.
– In message view, you can move to next or previous message by swipe gesture.
2. Supports to synchronize the Draft mailbox.
– When downloading the messages, the InoMail doesn’t download the attached files.
– When uploading the messages, the InoMail doesn’t upload the attached files. But embedded images of the message are uploaded.
3. Supports “Never delete email from server” option in POP3
– If you are using the option by popup message box, the messages aren’t deleted from server.
– If you delete the messages from the Inbox, the messages will be moved into the Trash. If you delete the messages from the Trash, the messages will be deleted from server.
– If you are using “Delete message completely” option, the messages will be deleted from server without moving to the Trash.
– If you are using “Never delete email from server” option, the message will be not deleted from server.
4. Support the attachment icon in message view
– The icon is shown in the case that the message has the attachment files except the embedded images.
– Try to select the icon and then you can see only attachment files.
5. The “show pictures” option default is changed to off.
– In the case the message has embedded images and if the images aren’t downloaded yet, the images are shown in attachment list.
6. Supports the button to move messages in bottom bar of combined inbox message list.
7. Improved stability and performance

Version 1.8.5
1. Change an operation of deletion mails in POP3.
– In the case which you delete mails with “Delete message completely” or in “Trash” folder, the mails are deleted from server.
– If you delete in “Inbox”, the mails are moved to “Trash” and aren’t deleted from server.
– Although you are using “Never delete from server” option, this rule is applied.
2. Support to handle calendar event.
3. Change sliding menu
– You can access left side menu by swipe to right side.
– When you swipe the gesture in “Message list” screen, InoMail switches to next screen.
5. Improve to re-send a mail when fail to send a mail
– As you know, you should retry by the refresh button of “Outbox” in folder list screen”
– You can retry send in “Outbox” of account summary screen.
4. Other issues are fixed

Version 1.8.4
1. Re-supports “The number of message to show” option
– If you don’t want to remove last message when new message arrive, use “No limit” option item.
2. Default theme is changed to white
– If you want old theme, you can select in “Settings”.
3. Black, Pink and Silver theme title bar are changed to new theme style
4.Fixed other issues

Version 1.8.3
This version is fixed message deletion issue of version 1.8.1 and 1.82.

1. Patch notification issue when arrive new messages
2. Supports to junk message filter
– When you move a message to junk by junk menu in message viewer,
the sender is registered in black list.
The sender’s messages will be moved to junk folder automatically.
– If you want to remove the sender from the list, you can do by junk menu.
3. “Never delete email from server” option changed
– The option is only supported in POP3 protocol.
– You can move messages between folders with this option.
4. “The number of message to show” option removed
– Whenever scrolling to end of messages, it will load more messages automatically.
5. Re-supports “Return to message list after deletion” option
6. Image signature
– Supports to add images to signature.
– This is only in  paid version.
7. Improve and patch many of functions

Version 1.8.0
1. Improve notification when new emails arrive
2. Improve polling to automatically check mails
3. Re-supports “View to fit screen” option in Kikat

Version 1.7.9
1. Supports screen lock
– You can change the lock screen background
– This is only for paid version and over Android ICS version
2. Patch an issue to automatically check mails (polling)

Version 1.7.7, 1.7.8
Patch many of issues

Version 1.7.6
Emergency patch for serious issues
1. Patch app hangs on “Loading messages”
– In the case using single account and launch app by 1×1 widget, this issue is occurred.
2. Patch an issue when starting to polling messages
– When starting at first, app is crashed form the issue.

Version 1.7.5
1. InoMail supports swipe gesture instead of long press action.
– You can mark read/unread or favorite and delete, move mails by swipe gesture.
– If like to use long press action, you can turn off the swipe option in settings.
– This swipe gesture is enabled in none tablet mode over ICS os version.


2. Added flat theme
– White and black flat theme is applied in this version.
3. InoMail supports tablet mode for large screen
– This option can be enabled in from 7 to 9 inches tablet.
– If your tablet is nexus 7, you can use split screen.
4. Rotate image
– Image viewer has a button to rotate an image.

5. Change pre-setting to add new account
– is changed to IMAP protocol
– office365 is added for IMAP
6. Fixed many of issue

Version 1.7.4
1. Apply new features for old android version
– If your smart phone version is under ICS, you can find out changes.
2. Supports again to add recipients by contact in compose mail.
3. Patch Kikat issues
If you have a connection issue in sub-folder on Kikat(OS 4.4), please update latest version.
The issue is from character encoding. The issue  was solved in latest android os version.
– Fixed the permission error when sending embedded images
– Fixed embedded image path
4. Improve to enter into option menu
I have got a complaint about option menu. I keep considering how to support batter.
I found out empty area in left side of title bar, and i add new button for option menu in there.

The option button is only shown in the case that your smart phone doesn’t have a hard menu key.

5. Change pre-settings to add new account
– GMX, T-online are changed to IMAP protocol
6. Also i path many of issues

Version 1.7.2
1. Patch issues on android os 4.4 kitkat
– InoMail doesn’t support “View to fit screen size” option
– The function is removed on the kitkat
2. Improve a performance and stability

Version 1.6.8
– Improvement to be more a stable and performance
1. Re-supports delete completely messages
2. The file explore supports micro sd card

Version 1.6.7
This version was improved to support android os high for paid version users.
If your os version is over ICS, you can use full updated functionalities.

1. Option menu button
– If your os version is over ICS, you can’t see an option menu.
– Android developers bolg will help to understand this issue in the bellow.
(say goolbye menu button)
So InoMail supports the menu button in message viewer.

– The menu button is in right side of bottom bar on message viewer.

2. Supports split window for tablet
– InoMail supports split UI for tablet. This is working over 10 inch screen.

3. Inline Images
– In the case of cache images, you can see without having to download. And InoMail supports embedded image viewer.
4. Compose Mail
– InoMail supports add inline images when composing mail. And you can remove signature.
– InoMail supports to redo/undo which was replaced with function moving cursor.
5. Unread/Starred mailbox
– Unread/Starred mailboxes are all unread or favorite messages of received messages in InoMail.
6. Widget
– The 3×3 widget was improved to change widget size and scroll messages. And you can set widget as each mailbox.
7. Others
– InoMail was improved in many of parts.

InoMail will support “Complete delete messages” option in next version.
InoMail guide movie

Version 1.6.4
1. Patch problem sender account when reply or forward in all message list
2. Patch crash problem when notification new message in hidden subject mode

Version 1.6.3
1. Patch problem when search message from server
– This version is stable in search mode.
2. presetting is changed for IMAP server account

Version 1.6.2
1. Fix problems in “General Settings”
2. Add option to select “Trash” and “Sent” folders
3. Patch other problems.

 Version 1.6.1
1. Patch connection issue
2. Supports identites
– This functionality supports to send message through other email address on one account
3. Support LED color when notification new message

Version 1.6.0
1. Patch attachment download issue.
2. Disblae deletion folder for Yahoo
– After deleting yahoo folder, keep connection problem.
3. Apply new French, Spanish

Version 1.5.9
1. Supports search messages from server in IMAP
2. Supports no-sync deleted messages
– If checked “Naver delete email from server”, InoMail doesn’t sync deletion.
3. Improve new message notification
4. Patch and improve other problems

 Version 1.5.7
1. Patch problem of deletion or marking messages
– Improve performance
2. Add option which return to message list when deletion in message viewer.
3. Support Smart Mailbox by only option
– If you are using Smart Mailboxes, you should check “Smart Mailboxes” option in general settings.
4. Patch “Sent” or “Trash” folder issue
– If you can’t find out sent or deleted message in “Sent” or “Trash” folder, you should re-create your account.
5. Attachment name issue was fixed.
6. Fixed IDLE PUSH issue of MobileMe account.
– If cann’t find out push option, please refer “11. Active Push Option” in InoMail guide.
7. Latest Lite Version is 1.5.8.

Version 1.5.6
1. Supports Creation/Deletion Folder for IMAP
– You can use it in edit mode in Folder List screen.
2. Supports Empty Trash Folder
– You can use it in edit mode in Folder List screen.
3. Smart Mailboxes
– Smart Mailboxes shows messages of push and polling folders.
4. Supports Color tag per each account
5. Supports to edit orginal message when composing message
6. Add option sync by manually when string InoMail
7. Re-support Single column mode in message viewer
– It’s only over ICS version.
– InoMail support two mode for “fit to screen size”.
8. Supports Export/Impoort Account setting
9. Imporve Folder order
10. Support scroll to bottom by touching title bar
– Title bar is divided into two area in order to support to scroll to bottom.
– Thouch left area, then scroll to top.
– Thouch right area, then scrool to bottom.
– It’s only supported in message list and message viewer screen.
11. Patch Jelly Bean issues
– Issue of open Attachment files is fixed in this version.
– Issue of under line in compose rich text is fixed in this version.

Version 1.5.5
1. Improved outgoing server setting by auto detection
2. Improved compose operation
3. Support to mix personal name with email address when composing message
–  The format is “Personal Name” + Email Address
ex) “InoMail”
4. Recipient address is linked with contact when composing message
– Get it by long-press the selection
5. Searching recipients from received messages when typing recipient field
6. Fixed html link problem on fit to screen size
– In “Fit to screen” mode, not support SINGLE CLUMN mode.
– The mode is deprecated from Android OS.
7. Re-support 1×1 shortcut style widget
8. Multiple ringtone support per account
9. Option for “not delete messages on server” in IMAP
– In the option of POP3, when move message, it’ll be deleted
10. Changed Turkish translation
11. Support to blink LED when receiving new messages
– LED color blinked is green

Version 1.5.4
1. Support compose HTML in signature
2. Add silver color theme (only paid verson)
3. Change blue theme color
4. Implement new widget style
– No support Icon Style Widget
5. Message list shows messages by grouping subject
6. Support option don’t ask popup when send message


Version 1.5.3
1. Improvement handling inline attachment
– Cashing inline attachment files
2. Patch problem can’t download attachment in cases were file size is zero.
3. Support group contract when add email address
4. Support of multiple address selection when one contact has more than one address.
5. Improvement check IDLE push feature
– Support IDLE push for iCloud email account
6. Support icon style widget (1×1)
7. Enable pintch to zoom on Android OS high version
8. Patch to compatibility on ICS


Version 1.5.2
1. Improvement Polling message per selected time
2. Reduce battery consumption on IDLE PUSH
3. Support LED light when notificaion new message

Version 1.5.1, 1.5.0
1. Patch problem error message when sending
2. Improvement attachment from external apps
3. Move scroll to top when touch title bar in message view
4. Improvement html link in message view

Version 1.4.9
1. Patch problem appear apostrophe html code.
2. Reduce battery consumption on IDLE PUSH
3. Apply switch screen animation
4. Mail compose step is change to one step in text formate

 Version 1.4.4
1. Patch problem create Sent, Draft folder.
2. InoMail push refresh time is changed to 24 minutes.
– It reduce consuming bettery than before version.
3. Patch Message View proble on OS version 2.1
4. Notification new message doesn’t use LED

Version 1.4.3
1. Fix problem name field in sent mailbox.
2. Support  Portuguese (Brazil) language.
3. InoMail Lite push refresh time is changed to 24 minutes.
4. Start emoticon service, It is only paid version.


Version 1.4.0
1. Fix POP3 problem when delete, move send.
2. Patch problem when send empty message.
[ Notice ] In order to patch display all depth of IMAP subfolder, changes wrong folder names.
If you have the problem, please recreate your account after remove.
Version 1.3.9 user should update this version.

Version 1.3.9
1. Emegency Patch
– If you have problem 1.3.8, Please update this version.

Version 1.3.8
1. Support to Add recipients address into address fields, Through space key.
2. Patch Sub Folders display.
3. Patch bug from previous release version.
4. Built new translation Russian language.

Version 1.3.7
1. Fix a problem in inbox folder.
2. Patch a problem which not able to add address by enter key in some device.
3. Unify show new messages in message list when notify new messages.
– Cause version 1.3.5, 1.3.6 has problem, i release to version 1.3.7

Version 1.3.4
Fix wrong message which notify “send to Failed to send mail” when save messge to Draft.
The message is not real. It is just wrong notification.

Version 1.3.3
1. Improve functionality to compose message
– Change to add recipients
– Support to compose Html message
– Html message is supported in paid version


2. Improve IMAP path prefix
3. Improve scrolling message view
4. Support landscape mode to all screen

Please refer Tip Guide “9. Add/Remove Recipients” so that understand new GUI. 

Version 1.3.1, 1.3.2
1. Remove Ads from mail message list screen in lite version.
2. Patch Problem when remove message in pop3.
3. Support no preview.
4. Add “show picture” in message.
5. Support long press in message list screen.
6. Increase recent message count.
7. Change multi Unread/read operation.