InoMail Guide

This guide is written in base on latest version

1. Option menu button
If your os version is over ICS, you can’t see an option menu.
InoMail supports the menu button in message viewer.

Android developers blog will help to understand about this issue.
– Say goodbye menu button : link blog

2. Start InoMail
If you have multiple accounts, you need to start InoMail to window unified accounts.


In grenal settings, “Start with mail screen” option support it. When the option is unchecked, InoMail start to window unified accounts.

3. Delete Messages
When delete messages, deleted messages are normally moved to Trash folder.
In case message to be deleted is spam, it is inconvenience. In delete popup, you can find out “Delete completely message”.
If check the option, message is directly deleted but not move to Trash folder.

4. Attachment Files
Downloaded files are saved in “InoGuruMail” directory.


Original concept is to attach files. But it support to delete downloaded files. Touch edit button in title bar, then you can delete files.

Tip : The attachment file explorer’s root path is “/mnt/sdcard/InoGuruMail”.
When you explore other folders, you maybe need to move to root path.
In this case, touch title bar, then it will move to root.

5. Contact Recepients
In message viewer, you maybe need to link each recipients items. And sometime you’ll try to call or send short message to them.

Touch each recipient item, then you can connect with your contact information.

6. Jump To Top Position
 In the case of message list long, you are inconvenience to move top. Touch title bar, then it move to top position. This function is enabled in “Folder List”, “Message View” and “Message List”.

7. Fetch Message To Size
 This is to restrict download message size.
If you are using pop3 account, it’s very useful.


It download message up to size to be selected in the option. When message is larger than the size, you can complete download through message viewer. Select button “Download complete message”, then download full message size.

– Notice : If you try view attachment file before download complete, the view show a error message in the case of partical message.

8. Viewer Options
InoMail has a self menu. Some menu items has long text. ①② is show the option to change menu style.


1) Show pictures ③ :
If show pictures option is checked, Menu don’t show “Show pictures” menu item.
If uncheked, it show  “Show pictures” menu item.

2) Show message to fit screen ④:
If this option is checked, the menu item appear  as “View to message size”.
When select the menu item, message is reloaded as original message size.
And the menu item appear as “Show message to fit screen”. Whenever select it, menu item is switched.

If the option is unchecked, menu item appear “View to message size” at first time.

9. Slient Notification In Night
You may wake up in night by alert new message received. The option set silent notification time.

Alert sound and vibrate are silent between time selected.

10. Add/Remove Recipients


[ Add Recipient ]
In order to add a recipient, should press space or enter key .
If added, address text is changed to button style.
If you try to send message in text like david in the picture, “suji” will is missed.
The “suji” is not added.

Do you need to mix personal name with email address?
The format is “Personal Name” + Email Address.
Ex) “InoMail”

[ Remove Recipient ]
In order to remove a recipient, show press the delete key .

11. Ringtone isn’t properly working
IRingtone is dependent on deviec and OS version.
I got report ringtone is silent in some device.
In this case, InoMail supports to use system ringtone.

If ringtone is silent, press and hold ringtone select button in settings screen.

12. Active Push Option
Although your account supports IDLE PUSH, you can’t find out IDLE PUSH setting option.

Move into account manual setting from account setting. If your account supports IDLE PUSH, you can find out Push Folder setting interface after checking account.

13. IMAP IDEL Push Not Notification
If you can’t receive push notification, please identify in the bellow issues.

– Using Task killer :

If you are using task killer, you should exclude InoMail from killing task list.

– Wifi Network :

Whenever moving your location, frequently network is changed between Wifi and 3/4G.
In this case, InoMail doesn’t have enough time to receive message.
It’s useful to ahchor to 3/4G network.

14. Gmail Push Connections
Gmail allow 10 connections at same time.
InoMail allow to select 5 push folders.
During push, you may use operation like read/unread, delete/move or check mail.
So InoMail can’t use all connections for push.

15. Polling Folders
According to frequency time, InoMail restricts the number of polling follders.
If’s to use efficiently system resource like battery.

[ This is restriction about frequency time ]

03 Minutes – Only Inbox
05 Minutes – Only Inbox
10 Minutes – Inbox + 2 Other Folders
15 Minutes – Inbox + 3 Other Folders
30 Minutes – Inbox + 4 Other Folders
60 Minutes – Inbox + 5 Other Folders

16. Group Message Option
In general settings, you can find out “Show message by group”.
In message list screen, the option organizes messages as group by subject.
– Notice : Grouping messages is just based on subject of messages.

17. How to query a recipient from Contact

In compose message screen, InoMail supports to query contact.


1) Search recipient email address or name, group
When typing words in recipient field, result is popped up.
InoMail checks to match email address or name, group from contact and received messages.
If you are using contact group, you can get result from this way.
– Notice: Searching is started from 2 words.

2) Search a recipient by plus button
The plus button in recipient field is linked with contact.

I recommand first way.  

3) Added recipient address is linked with contact
Get it by long-press the selection.